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Build extensive expertise, establish authority and unlock opportunities across multiple verticals.

Who is it for?


Tech companies

Talent Pipeline

Gain access to a curated pool of startups and experts in augmented systems and technologies for potential acquisitions or partnerships.

Brand Amplification

Leverage our platforms to showcase your technologies and solutions to a targeted audience of industry leaders and innovators.

Market Intelligence

Receive exclusive reports and insights on emerging trends and technologies.


Explore co-development and co-marketing opportunities with startups and other tech giants.

Policy Influence

Participate in discussions and forums that shape industry standards and regulations.


Innovation Scouting

Get early access to disruptive technologies and startups that can drive your company's innovation agenda.

Strategic Partnerships

Network with other corporates and tech companies for potential collaborations and joint ventures.

Operational Efficiency

Gain insights into how augmented systems can streamline your operations and reduce costs.

Employee Upskilling

Access training programs and workshops aimed at equipping your workforce with the latest skills in augmented systems.

Investment Opportunities

Get first-hand information on startups and projects that align with your corporate investment strategy.

Consulting firms

Client Referrals

Receive qualified opportunities from our network of startups and corporates seeking consulting services.

Thought Leadership

Contribute your expertise through our webinars, publications, and events to establish your firm as an authority in the field.

Market Research

Leverage our community's data and analytics capabilities for your client projects and internal research.

Collaborative Engagements

Partner with us on joint consulting projects or industry reports.

Talent Recruitment

Tap into our network of subject-matter experts and innovators for your hiring needs.

Innovation units

Startup Engagement

Facilitate connections between your corporate innovation unit and high-potential startups.

Innovation Frameworks

Gain access to best practices and methodologies for driving innovation within your organization.

Pilot Programs

Participate in or sponsor pilot programs to test out new technologies and solutions in a controlled environment.

Cross-Industry Insights

Learn from innovation leaders in other sectors to bring fresh perspectives to your projects.

Funding and Grants

Get information on available grants, funding, and other resources to support your innovation initiatives.